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New View Landscape


UI, UX, Development




The mission was clear – to develop a website that not only stands out among competitors but also effectively generates leads and showcases their portfolio.

What we've done

Market Evaluation: Conducted thorough research to understand the competitive landscape.

Modern Design Elements: Adopted a contemporary design approach, focusing on aesthetics and functionality.

Hero-Based Portfolio Website: Crafted a visually striking hero section to highlight key portfolio pieces.

Automated Lead Generation System: Implemented a system to streamline and enhance lead acquisition.

Optimization for All Devices: Ensured a seamless experience across both mobile and desktop platforms.

Creative Process

Our strategy was to mirror the excellence of New View Landscape's work in their digital footprint. The goal was to reflect their brand ethos comprehensively, translating their physical artistry into a digital masterpiece.


The new website led to a notable increase in lead generation and organic traffic. Utilizing WordPress, we also provided an easy-to-manage platform for the client, enhancing their user experience for ongoing site modifications.


This project was a triumph in digital craftsmanship, allowing us to create a masterful website that not only meets but exceeds client expectations. The success of New View Landscape's website in Las Vegas is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and strategic execution.