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Informational Video




The goal was to create a video that not only aids in the sales process but also thoroughly answers customer questions,

ultimately making the client's business more efficient and client-friendly.

What we've done

1. On-Location Shoot: Journeyed from Las Vegas to South Carolina, immersing in the client's world to capture the essence of their business.

2. Extensive Filming: Dedicated a week to film, producing not just the main video but also 10 additional informative company videos.

3. In-Depth Interview: Conducted a 3-hour interview, meticulously edited into a compelling, hour-long informative piece.

4. B-Roll Capture: Gathered additional visual content to enhance storytelling in the main video.

5. Professional Editing: Utilized Adobe Premier for high-quality editing, ensuring a polished final product.

Creative Process

Our approach was comprehensive and adaptive, focusing on creating content that educates both customers and employees.

The project was a deep dive into understanding the client's needs, enabling us to deliver tailored, impactful video content.


The video has been a resounding success. Customers have expressed high satisfaction with its informativeness,

leading to increased sales and better time management due to fewer inquiries. Engagement with the video is high, with organic growth on YouTube.


This project was a journey in understanding and meeting client needs, enriching our perspective on effective marketing strategies.

The success of the video project with Simply Southern Pups has opened new avenues for collaboration in various channels beyond video.