OC Poolscapes


OC Poolscapes


HDR Photography, Cinematography




The aim was to produce professional visuals that not only display the exquisite craftsmanship of OC Poolscapes' work but also encapsulate it as artful designs.

What we've done

Drone Shots: Capturing breathtaking aerial perspectives.

4K Slow Motion: Detailing every aspect with clarity and dramatic effect.

HDR Photography: Day and night shots that bring out the vibrant details and ambiance.

Expert Editing: Utilizing Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premier Pro to refine and perfect the visuals.

Creative Process

Our focus was on accentuating the unique features of each project. By employing a mix of drone footage, slow-motion video,

and high-dynamic-range photography, we aimed to not just showcase, but to celebrate the artistry in each of OC Poolscapes' creations.


The content significantly enhanced their website, attracting a large number of views and sparking interest. This led to the content becoming a powerful tool for lead generation. The success of the project met and surpassed the expected outcomes.


This project was a testament to how compelling visuals can transform a brand's online presence. The collaborative effort resulted in a portfolio that not only showcases OC Poolscapes' work but does so in a way that aligns perfectly with their ethos of artistic excellence and quality.